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Social Responsibility

We believe that the heart of the business lies in a long-term vision to ethically cater to customer needs along with contributing to the wellbeing of our society and environment. Our initiative includes providing water daily to A.M.A Children’s home in Athi River as a step closer to an equal society. By providing clean water, we are assisting towards health, sanitisation and overall hygiene to reduce illness and expanding healthier living opportunities.Furthermore, as Bounty Ltd. is a growing organisation; we continually support numerous community-based organisations that promote the welfare of society and conservation of the environment. Some initiatives include switching to solar energy at the factory, various tree planting programmes, food donations at community centres and sponsoring family fun day events in Nairobi. We believe that by working together, we will able to uplift those in need and create a positive change in the society that will benefit the future generations.

Community Initiatives 

Solar Power Initiative

Solar PV panels on Factory Rooftop

This another big initiative that the organization has implemented to shift its source of energy to Renewable. The installed capacity is approximately 924 KW solar PV plant which significantly reduced our dependence on the grid. As part of going green campaign we intend to operate fully on solar

Tree Planting

Bounty Ltd team lead by Managing Director Nina Galot(Middle) and General Manager Factory Mr. Ashok Datta during the company tree planting event


As part of enhancing robust environmental management program, Bounty Limited has made a deliberate and consistent effort to achieve 30, 000 trees in the next 2 years. So far the company has planted over 20000 trees inside and outside the factory compound. This has really improved the tree cover within Athi River where the factory is situated

TNK’S Family Fun Day

Bounty Ltd values the role sports and other outdoor events in enhancing family and team cohesion. The TNK’s family fun day event was aimed at promoting the bonding within the family and we are proud to have actively participated and sponsored the event

Children’s Home

Bounty Limited has actively participated in supporting the vulnerable members of the society. It has partnered with various other community groups and temple communities( Shree Ram, Mandhir, SSD Temple, Lohana community among others ) to ensure food and other essential items are made available to childrens homes among other groups

Awards And Certifications