Exquisite Bottled drinking water is the aspirational brand of drinking water you could have. The product contains essential vitamins and minerals to keep your body hydrated. Its packaged in two convenient package sizes 500ml and 1 ltr, in a bottle that resonates with you, Easy to handle and can conveniently be carried 


With the help of our experts, we have proudly navigated the surprisingly complex world of bottled water to bring you the best bottled drinking, packaged in a highly hygienic environment to ensure you consistently receive the quality you aspire to.


The process ensures that the Exquisite bottled drinking water retains the nutrients and minerals. As a gift back to the source we have undertaken extensive conservation efforts to preserve and revitalize it by planting several trees.




Personal sized bottles of Exquisite Bottled Drinking Water are perfect for instant refreshment, which can conveniently be carried in your bag, purse, backpack or car.

With availability of 500ml and 1litre bottle, we want to provide quality hydration and replenishment to every household nationwide. Drink water and Stay Hydrated!